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Shibari Lubricant Applicator XL

Shibari Lubricant Applicator

Targeted Lubricant Applicator



Shibari Lube Applicator allows for easy, targeted lubrication application. Remove cap and insert dispenser tip into lubricant and gently pull back to fill. Simple push down to apply. Reapply as needed. Cleaning: Spray with Shibari Antibacterial Toy Cleaner or wash with warm water and soap, pat dry. Replace cap to prevent spills. UPC: 859612003318 Made of ABS Plastic
UPC: 812024030754

Shibari Advanced Toy Cleaner

*Recommended for keeping your Shibari Products clean



Shibari Advanced Toy Cleaner is specially formulated to be a gentle and effective cleanser. To extend the life of the toy, clean regularly and remove batteries when not in use. Latex, rubber and silicone friendly. UPC: 859612003073

Shibari Luxury Pleasure Kegel Balls

Shibari Bling Mini-Wands





UPC: 859612003332