Shibari Ropes

Shibari 100% Natural Hemp Rope

Available in 16ft (5 m) and 32ft (10 m)





100% Natural Hemp Rope has been braided to eliminate the possibility of opening up when contorted. Providing superior strength, braided rope helps benefit from reduced stretch characteristics, making this one of the most secure natural rope options available for Shibari and enthusiasts seeking the highest quality in secure Hemp rope. Experience the art with Shibari 100% natural Hemp Rope!

Shibari Silky Soft Rope





Shibari Silky Soft Bondage Rope is a strong yet gentle and soft.

Shibari Silky Soft Pleasure Double Rope Wrist Cuffs





Shibari Silky Soft Pleasure Double Rope Wrist Cuffs are fully adjustable and made of the highest quality soft-rope available. Through a special processing system, Silky Soft Double Rope keeps all the softness of silk while maintaining strength and integrity. The unique built-in, plastic clasps allow you to tie with ease of a simple pull on the rope or remove and will not chafe or damage delicate skin. All tied up in Silky Soft Shibari!