The Original Shibari My Wand Power Massager

Wireless rechargable version available!





The Most Intense Power Available!

The Shibari Wand is a personal body massager that you won't want to put down. With it's 2 speeds and bendable neck, and 110v motor, this powerful product is is one of the best massagers on the market for a fraction of the cost. You will not beShibari My Wand disappointed with this personal massager

With its 2-speed control you can find the speed that best suits your needs. With its high strength motor you can find the exact speed you desire. The Shibari My Wand personal massager offers a uniquely gratifying experience with every strong vibration it delivers.

Use the Shibari My Wand to massage away any unwanted tension, offering release where you need it most. Bendable neck so that you can angle the head to the exact location you are looking for.

Shibari My Wand is sure to delight!

Shibari My Wand is sure to delight, thrill and satisfy with most intense power available. The cushioned head of this massager allows for a most pleasurable experience. Soft for the sensitive spots, yet firm enough for you to apply some much needed pressure.

The Shibari My Wand offers unfaltering pulsation with its strong motor powered by a 110 volt AC wall plug. The Shibari Wand has a cord around 6 feet. This means you are able to use it while sitting in a chair or lying in bed.